Is the Adult Industry Ready to Go Ultra Hi Def?

You know the economy’s in trouble when the adult industry is struggling. In fact, a Napster style crisis in porno had been an accident waiting to happen for a long time, and when fans of x-rated entertainment didn’t want to pay for it anymore, the world of porn took a big hit.

Throughout its existence, the adult entertainment industry helped push through a number of new technological advances. Porno was a big factor in the VCR boom, it was a big help in making the internet explode, and many were hoping it would cement BluRay technology. Now with many talking about ultra hi-def television at the Consumer Electronics Show, could porn help make this new advance stick as well?

Right now, the adult business can use all the help it can get, and according to the Wall Street Journal and Foxnews, the company Naughty America will be shooting in ultra high def, trying to get a jump on what could be a big trend, or a big disaster. We’ve previously reported here on ultra high-def TV, or 4K TV, because it has 4,000 pixel resolution, but again, as we’ve said before, the untrained eye may never be able to tell the difference.

Like previous times when adult material helped push new technologies through, especially in home entertainment. This could be a chicken or the egg situation. You wonder if this could actually help make 4K the wave of the future, or if 4K could end up saving the adult business. Tough to say, and we’ll see how things develop in the new year with all this.