No More Four Day Passes For Comic-Con

We’re barely into the new year and already there’s buzz about Comic-Con, which hits the San Diego Convention Center on July 24, and runs through the 27th. But the current buzz right now is the fact that there will no longer be four day passes. 

The L.A. Times tells us that you can buy badges for each individual day, but not one badge to rule them all for four days. As the Comic-Con powers that be stated on their website, “The 4-Day option was repetitive and often lead to people purchasing a 4-day badge despite not needing to attend every day. We hope this change will allow attendees to purchase only the days they truly need and maximize the number of people who can get a badge to attend Comic-Con.” 

This also means there won’t be a discount when you buy into all four days of the convention. The report in the Times tells us there is now a “revamped” site where you can register, and hopefully there won’t be the kinds of crashes and glitches that have plagued Comic-Con in the past. 

Prices for tickets are also up this year. A single day badge is $35 for Preview Night, $45 a day for Thursday through Saturday, and $30 for Sunday, which means if you want to attend all four days, it will cost you $200, a $15 increase from the four-day badges, which cost $175.