Revolution is Back…Will Audiences Be?

The last several years have been a remarkable time for genre TV with shows like Revolution, SHIELD, and Under the Dome. Revolution especially came on strong, but later in the year it faltered after going on a brief hiatus. So now that the show is back, will its audience come back to it as well?

Giant Freakin Robot also posed this rhetorical question, and they’ve called the show “perpetually frustrating.” “Don’t get me wrong,” David Wharton continues. “Season two has been quite a bit better than most of season one. But even now, the story line of Aaron (Zak Orth) and his connection to the energy-eating nanoswarm is by far the show’s most interesting plot point.”

Wharton continued that the rest of the show’s plot points aren’t that interesting, and heconcludes that “if I wasn’t getting paid to watch it and write about it, I think I would have bailed by now.” 

Now that Revolution is back, Deadline tells us ratings are up from its last episode last season by 14%. So we’ll see if the show can keep growing from here, but so far it looks like there’s still some power left in it.