Steven Spielberg Goes Streaming With Extant

Although Steven Spielberg is now officially a senior citizen, he still loves staying on top of what’s new and hot. And now he’s going to have his new TV series, Extant, streaming on Amazon Prime right after it will air on CBS.

Spielberg started out in television as a contract director for Universal, and he’s never totally left TV behind. You may recall way back in the eighties he had the short lived show Amazing Stories, and he’s also an executive producer on Under the Dome. 

As Giant Freakin Robot tells us, Extant will air four days on Prime after it plays on CBS. Extant is a sci-fi show about an astronaut (Halle Berry) trying to adjust back to life after coming back from out space. As an official synopsis of the show promises us, “Her experiences lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.” 

This is Spielberg’s second show with CBS, the first being Under the Dome, which has proven to be a big genre hit last year. Extant will premiere in June, and there’s high hopes for it because as Cnet tells us, Under the Dome drove Prime Instant Video to record ratings. (Selling the rights to Amazon and international markets also made Under the Dome a ton of money before a single episode aired.)