The New Doctor Who’s First Day on the Job

So last year Matt Smith finally left Doctor Who, and a new era is about to begin this year. In fact, the first scene of the new model Doctor Who just started shooting, with Peter Capaldi now playing the good doctor. 

As Capaldi said in a press release, “New job, first day, slightly nervous. Just like the Doctor, I’m emerging from the TARDIS into a whole other world.” And indeed, Capaldi is a whole new Doctor Who with a Scottish accent. Like another famous Scot, Sean Connery, who never changed his accent, even when he played an Arab, Capaldi’s not going to take British dialect lessons either.

And as L.A. Times TV critic Robert Lloyd wrote, “He offers a range of new tonal possibilities, some of which are also old possibilities. Capaldi seems very much in the tradition – a likely, almost obvious choice. It may be time for the return of a more fatherly, or at least more fatherly-looking, Doctor.” 

Above is a picture of Capaldi his first day on the job, and he looks a bit like Peter Cushing when he was Doctor Frankenstein in the Hammer Films. So we definitely wish Capaldi good luck in taking over one of the most legendary roles in sci-fi history. We have the feeling he’ll do just fine.