New App Tells Us When To Go to the Bathroom at the Movies

How many times have we had to go to the bathroom at a movie, but we’re not sure when’s a good time to flee because we don’t want to miss anything? Some movies, you know when’s a good time to take a tinkle, and some you can’t tell.

Now we’re learning there’s an app for this, and as the L.A. Times informs us, it’s called RunPee. With movies as long as they are these days, along with about three hours of trailers and commercials, we need this kind of app more than ever.

As reporter Chris Erskine writes, you can download the app, and the phone vibrates during the slow parts of the film so you can make your escape. (There’s several movies I’d like to see this month, like the three hour Wolf of Wall Street, where I could definitely use this app.) 

The guy who came up with this innovation, Dan Flores, thought of the idea when he was sitting through Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong, which is three hours long. He told the Times, “It’s not just about can you sit through a movie, but can you enjoy it?”

At first the app was free, now it’s going for 99 cents, and Flores says it’s been downloaded about 250,000 times. This also means that he’s watching the current films, and coming up with good times to take a bathroom break. This is absolutely a great idea whose time has come, and as long as movies are pushing two and a half to three hours, along with an interminable amount of trailers and commercials, we need it now more than ever.