Holy Fake Bat Cowl Batman! $1,500??!!

The rubber Batman cowl is always a great Halloween perennial. When in doubt, you can buy it at a costume store, plop it on your head, and you’re good to go for trick or treating. But we’re talking the modern Batman look. What if you want to go Adam West this October? 

Well, as the Hollywood Reporter tells us, your wishes have been answered, but they won’t come cheap. The Chuck Williams Studio has made a “Replica 66’ Batman Cowl,” ’66 referring to the year Batman debuted on ABC, and it’s going for $1,500. 

Why does this cost so much? As this report explains, the cowl is made from “the original fabric which has been custom dyed to match a color same from the dye house used on the show.” You can also purchase a cape, the Bat signal for your chest, the famous Adam West utility belt, and a bust of Adam West’s head to hang the cowl on.

Yes, all this is ridiculously expensive, and we’re hoping there will be cheaper models of all this stuff down the road for those who love the Batman TV show from the sixties. Come of think of it, it would be wonderful if Fox and Warner Brothers would quit fighting over the rights to the show and we could finally get to see it again on DVD and BluRay. 

Yes, to today’s generation the Batman TV show is very silly, but without a silly Batman, there never would have been the need for a serious Batman, not to mention the caped crusader and his faithful sidekick wouldn’t have been exposed to so many young kids, via television.