Should Hollywood Fear the 4K TV?

We’ve recently run several reports here on TGD about a new Samsung TV that costs $150,000. It’s being called the 4K TV because it has four times the pixels of regular hi-def TVs, but some experts will argue that past a certain point your eye can’t tell the difference anymore.

So even though most of us can’t afford a $150,000 TV, Variety just ran a report warning Hollywood that they should fear this new innovation. As Marc Graser wrote in his report, “Electronics manufacturers are sure to set off a new tech trend of mega-TVs that will encourage more consumers to stay at home.” 

Graser feels that 4K TVs won’t just be a trend, and this TV offers better resolution than what we see at the movies, but again, past a certain point a lot of people may not be able to tell the difference. (Graser reports that movies are shown in the theaters at 4096 x 2160 resolution, and these TVs have 3840 x 2160 resolution.) 

There will always be new advances in technology for theaters and the home, and many thought the VCR would ruin the movie biz, but it ended up saving it by creating a new income stream. Obviously the prices will have to come down on these TVs to really make an impact, and we’ll see how things go in the new year, but we don’t think the prediction of the 4K TV taking over will be a prediction that will come to pass.