4K TV Will Cost You $150 K

It’s fun to look in the high-end areas of an electronics store to see what rich people can afford. While I’m happy with the same TV I’ve had for years, some people have to have the best plasma screens, the highest of hi-def, and more. But would you be willing to spend $150,000 for a TV? 

As Fox News informs us, Samsung is putting out a 110-inch TV that reportedly has four times the resolution of regular high def TV, and it’s going for $150,000 on the open market in South Korea. Like a lot of expensive new advances in technology, this is being hailed as the way of the future, and Fox tells us these screens “are ultra thin and can display images with enhanced clarity and deeper color saturation.” 

This report claims that demand for these TVs “is expected to rise despite dearth of content while its price will likely come down.” We would hope so, especially at that price. There are also predictions that ultra-HD TV sets will grow from 1.3 million to 23 million by 2017. (This report tells us Samsung has gotten ten orders for these TVs from the Middle East.) 

Yet as we previously reported on TGD, the experts tell us that hi-def TV can only be so hi- def before the human eye can’t even tell the difference, and we’re wondering if this could be the same situation. These are called 4K TVs, because they have four times more pixels than HD, but again, experts tell us there’s only so many pixels the human eye can take in before it all looks the same. 

Thankfully, you can still get a good quality TV well below this price at your local Frys or Best Buy, and still have plenty left over to buy a house, a car, years of groceries, a trip to Europe, and more.