Starship Troopers Is Coming Back

Giant bugs from outer space is definitely B movie stuff, and as silly as much of Starship Troopers was, I did enjoy it, primarily because of the CG bugs, which were some of the best computer effects I’ve ever seen. And yes, there are plans for another Starship Troopers film, and this one will be a reboot of the original.

Giant Freakin Robot cracked a great joke about this: “First Total Recall, then RoboCop, and now Starship Troopers. Why can’t Hollywood leave Paul Verhoeven alone?” And screenwriter Zack Stentz claims this version will reportedly be closer to the novel than the first film, which they often say when movies get remade. (This one will be closer to the original vision, that kind of sh*t…)

Stentz tweeted this new version will be “less satire & more an actual adaptation of the Heinlein novel. An Officer & a Gentleman in power armor.” Stentz has written for Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, along with his partner Ahsley Miller. They’re also going to be writing the next Terminator TV show that will be spinning off Terminator Genesis, which will be in theaters in 2015. 

Verhoeven isn’t happy with his sci-fi classics being remade, and we’re definitely of the school of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. While we’re open minded about the new RoboCop, we like the first Starship Troopers just fine for what it is, and don’t see the point of remaking it, and again, those CG bugs still look great, thanks to Phil Tippet.