Anyone Watching the Brony Yule Log?

I’ve always found the concept of the TV Yule log amusing. There are many people who don’t have fire places, so someone came up with the idea of playing a video of a burning fireplace log you could tune in to on Xmas. In recent years, you could even get a DVD copy of this, and there will probably be people downloading it on YouTube.

As if this wasn’t silly enough, the Yule log video has taken a more disturbing turn this year with the Brony Yule Log. For those who don’t know about the Bronies, they’re fans that are obsessed with the My Little Pony cartoon, and these fans are so scary, they make Trekkies seems well adjusted. 

As Entertainment Weekly tells us, this will be on the Hub network, and it will play on Xmas morning. This cartoon log will keep burning from 6 am ET to 10 am ET. 

This is obviously supposed to be for kids, but you get the feeling they might get bored watching a cartoon log burning. Oh wait, there will be Xmas songs, and cameos from other Hub cartoon shows. And for the adults who are obsessed with My Little Pony, aka the Bronys…well, I think the FBI needs to keep tabs on them, because they seem fairly creepy to me.