Nothing weird about grown men making life size Lego cars for fun

The legend of Lego lives long in air-powered locomotion courtesy of grown men who will need to be kept away from your kids at all costs. However, this life-sized Lego car is a marvel of Lego-gineering from the lads.

We are just kidding. Lego is for adults. Only adults can afford the extremely expensive plastic bricks that are not so brick-like anymore. And, it is really hard to find words that are appropriate in this instance and beging with the letter “L.” So, we will try and let it go.

The Super Awesome Micro Project is the brainchild of Melbourne entrepreneur and marketing guy Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida, a self-taught teenage technology genius from Romania who Steve met on the internet. That’s not creepy at all.

The engine is made of standard Lego pieces and runs on air. It has 4 orbital engines with a total of 256 pistons, and the whole thing is comprised of 500,000 Lego pieces.

It can get a top of speed of around 30 km/h or about 20 mph. It was built in Romania and shipped to a secret location in Melbourne. Sammartino got it crowd-funded through Twitter (you can Tweet with him @sammartino, or give him a call on +61 438 779 566.

It’s Australia so, you better check your calling plan. We take no responsibility for you cocking up your International calling plan.

Yes, it is cool, but we stick by the whole adults doing Lego is kinda creepy thing, too. For goodness sake, our 5 year old nephew is into Lego. Some of the Lego project stuff he picks up on YouTube is positively disturbing.  Sorry, we couldn’t let it go.