So It’s Finally Come to This: Gilligan’s Island The Movie

No, this posting is not a joke, although we wish it was, but Gilligan’s Island, the movie, is finally going to be made. I know, you can’t stop jumping up and down with excitement.

As Deadline tells us, this is set up at Warner Brothers, and Josh Gad from The Book of Mormon is starring and will write the script. We’re assuming he’ll play the skipper. 

This may indeed be proof positive that Hollywood is now officially bankrupt of any new ideas. The idea of Gilligan’s Island the movie has been a joke for many years, we’re just shocked that anyone would act on it, but we shouldn’t be so surprised. We have the feeling that every single tired TV show, movie and video game is in the works to be remade at least twice in our lifetimes, and it was only a matter of time that Hollywood would get around to this one. 

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I enjoyed the show myself for many years when I was a kid, but that doesn’t mean it should be made into a movie. And it was insane how long Gilligan’s Island lasted in reruns. Before Baywatch, we believe it was the most seen show in the world where there was literally not a minute of the day where it wasn’t playing somewhere on earth. So come on guy, find something else to make here, like, gasp!, an original idea. Gravity did it, and so can you.