Free dirty video site Redtube rescues Germans from copyright trolls

Well, it is a weird state of affairs when you cannot give away free porn to anonymous people who only visit your site because it has free porn. Patent trolls be damned, says a Redtube press release.

In our original story, U+C, a Swiss law firm, had, according to the irate, conned the German courts and was looking to charge Deutsche leute users of Redtube, a very popular adult site with lots of free videos of people studying for their gynecology exams, $344 per clip of said free videos.

Cease and desist letters were sent to about 20,000 Redtube users, based on their IP addresses, whose identity was compromised when the German courts ordered ISP Deutsche Telekom to release their names.

It is a nightmare scenario for anyone with a deep desire to serve mankind through the study of genitalia. If you are watching free porn then you might just have to rethink your stance on the matter.

We just think that it is really, really dumb that someone can go after you on copyright charges based on you watching something that is so obviously free. 

Luckily, some very freedom luvin’ German lawyers stepped in to help the aggrieved Redtube users by telling them to ignore the cease and desist letters and, we guess, to keep watching Redtube (we added that bit ourselves). 

Mercifully, Redtube has now added its own support in the following press release.


RedTube, the leading provider of adult content with 25 million daily users, refutes the matter in which thousands of RedTube users have received so-called “cease and desist letters”. RedTube stands by its firm opinion that these letters are completely unfounded and that they violate the rights of those who received it in a very serious manner.

RedTube reaffirms its position that the Company takes all its customers personal data very seriously and applies the highest privacy standards for its visitors on an on-going basis.

The Company goes on to emphasize that RedTube certainly did not submit any personal data to any law firm or any authority or entity, and that it seems very likely that the data was obtained by using dishonest measures.

“Serious allegations have surfaced in the media recently,” stated Vice President Alex Taylor, “rest assured that our counsel received an immediate mandate to pursue all necessary actions to make all related entities accountable for the damage that has been caused.” Taylor continued, “In 2013, blackmailing and violating the privacy of German citizens’ private domain should not and will not be tolerated.”

Redtube would like to reach out to its viewers who have received one of the spamming letters, and ask they get in touch with Redtube immediately. If you have received one of these letters, please let us know by contacting us at [email protected].


We’re just waiting for Larry Flynt to step in at some point and say, Ich bin ein Berliner. Unfortunately, our efforts to reach the  White House to see if the US government has any plans to air drop Wicked Video Blu-Rays over Hamburg have all been rebuffed.

To our German friends we say, danke schoen for a great story thread. It has been priceless.