Avatar is Heading to New Zealand

No, this isn’t a trip sponsored by Oprah, this is where the sequels for the biggest movie of all time will get made. James Cameron’s definitely going to have his hands full for the rest of the decade with three new Avatar films, and they will be made in Middle Earth’s backyard. 

Cameron recently bought some land in New Zealand, and the director just confirmed to the Wrap and other sources that the next three Avatar installments will be made down there. As we’ve reported before, all three movies will be shot at the same time, and the first one is looking towards a 2016 release. 

This is very exciting news for the country, and New Zealand’s Economic Development Minster Steven Joyce said, “The Avatar sequels will provide hundreds of jobs and thousands of hours of work directly in the screen sector as well as jobs right across the economy.” 

Cameron hopes to get principal photography on the Avatar sequels finished in nine months, and the shoot may begin next October. The budget, which is certain to be huge, will cost under a billion, or so Cameron hopes. 

As a big fan of the original installment, I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing what Cameron has up his sleeve next. Can he top himself this time? People wondered how he’d do it after Titanic, but he certainly blew right past it no problem, and we’re hoping for the same this time as well.