Spider-Man Fans Rejoice: A Venom Movie is Coming

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is coming next May 2, 2014, and there’s rumors going around that the film is setting up a future clash with the Sinister Six. There has also been speculation that Spider-Man will be, as they say in the modern vernacular, expanding his universe, and part of this expansion could also include the long awaited Venom movie.

There have been previous reports of a Venom spin-off movie, and at one point, Gary Ross, the writer / director of the first Hunger Games film, was attached. Now the Hollywood Reporter tells us that a number of writers have been hired to craft a Venom movie, and yes indeed, a Sinister Six film as well.

Three writers have been hired on to write the Venom film: the team of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Transformers), and Ed Solomon (Men in Black, Bill and Ted). Kurtzman will also be directing the Venom movie. Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) will be writing, and possibly directing, the Sinister Six film, and he will also be writing and directing the Daredevil Netflix series, which will debut in 2015. 

A Sinister Six movie could be an interesting variation on an idea that Guillermo Del Toro is also exploring, a darker version of The Avengers, but where Del Toro would be doing darker heroes like Swamp Thing, Sinister Six could end up being a purely villain movie. We’d  curious to see what heroes could potentially be in the Sinister Six movie, or if the Six and Venom films will be origin stories to show how these bad guys came to be. Both interesting ideas for sure, and we hope they can deliver on their promise.