Can You Afford to Live in Middle Earth?

When James Cameron recently bought some land in New Zealand, many joked he really wants to live in Pandora, the fictional planet in Avatar. At the same time, New Zealand was the backlot for Peter Jackson to create Middle Earth, and now a website has run a very funny, and wholly fictional, listing for Erebor.

Movoto, a site dedicated to “the lighter side of real estate,” lists Erebor for $6,181,783,380, or $5 per square foot. The loan payment would be $24,328,527, and it’s “perfect for large families (of small people) or one dragon.”

The listing also tells us, “This expansive under-mountain property features more than 40 square miles of space, comprised of numerous dwarf-sized dwelling and massive open areas. If you need plenty of storage, this property has it along with the security living inside a mountain can offer.” 

This property also comes with dragon heating, stone and gold flooring, vaults, throne room, and mountains of gold and treasure listed as amenities, as well as horse stable parking. Thorin Oakenshield is listed as the realtor, and he got a nice comment in the “What Clients Are Saying” section from G. Grey.

Also on Movoto are fun fictional listings for Hogwarts Castle, in Galloway Hills Scotland, going for a much more reasonably priced $204,102,00, and the Bag End Hobbit house, which is a real bargain at $1,330,000. While all this stuff is all in good fun, we wouldn’t be surprised if some crazed billionaire would try and build something like this one day, even if a Bag End home would be hard for a fully sized person to live in. (No head room for one thing…)