Brian Griffin From Family Guy May Return

Several weeks ago, Family Guy killed off Brian Griffin. This shocked the show’s loyal fanbase, who took to Facebook in protest. Instead of marching in the streets, these days people take to the net to make their feelings known, and a lot of fans were not happy that Brian was killed off.

Now it looks like Brian could return somehow. How? We have no idea, but characters have been resurrected illogically in TV and movies for a long time. There’s the classic story of how Hammer Films wanted to make another Frankenstein film, but the doctor lost his head on the guillotine in the last one. Oh, just sew the head back on! No problem!

This could also happen on the December 15 episode, and as Fox News tells us, “Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.” Fox and Entertainment Weekly also pointed out that in the official description of the next episode lists Brian as a character on the show. 

Foxnews tells us that that Vinny, the replacement dog, should be around for a while as well because the actor doing his voice, Tony Sirico, signed on for six more episodes. While it’s good to hear that Brian could be back, we’re not nuts about jerking the audiences around like this. If you’re going to kill somebody, kill ‘em and don’t play around with the audience’s emotions. 

This was a big bone of contention with Nicholas Meyer when he made Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. He wanted Spock to be dead for good, and when the studio went ahead and shot an ending that suggested he would could be resurrected by the Genesis Project, Meyer hated it, and refused to stand behind it. Then again, Spock was very successful revived, and the fans didn’t seem to mind, so could Brian also have a successful return from the dead? Stay tuned…