Have the Mario Brothers Been Successfully Reinvented?

Movies get rebooted all the time, and video game companies have also rebooted some of their classic titles as well. Tomb Raider was recently given a whole new look, and there’s a new Mario Brothers game out in the world. So has the classic franchise been reinvented for today’s generation? 

Mario Brothers are from another generation of gaming, way, way back in the ‘80’s, but as the L.A Times writes, the latest game, Super Mario 3D World “is delightful in its own way…there is no Mario game quite like this.” The Times was also pleased with another gaming reinvention, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

“It’s no small feat what Nintendo has accomplished,” the Times continued, “which is to take two franchises that date to the mid-‘80s and make them relevant to the here and now.” 

Entertainment Weekly also called Super Mario 3D World “totally pawesome…Mario’s latest stomping romp pops off the screen like no entry in the popular franchise before it.” So with gaming sure to have an explosive buying season this Xmas, it’s good to see these old school titles have been successfully reinvented for today’s players.