Xbox One Sells Out First Day On Sale

Xbox One just came out on November 22, and it completely sold out, sending a strong shot across the bow in what we call the console wars. Xbox One is trying to appeal to more people than gamers, and even though it costs $100 more than Sony PlayStation, it looks like Xbox One has reached their goal. 

As The Wrap tells us, Xbox One went on sale at midnight, and by late Friday afternoon, GameStop, Walmart, Toys-R-Us, Target, Amazon, and the Microsoft store were all sold out. (PlayStation 4 sold a million units the first day on sale, and it was also sold out of units for a while.) 

As this story was being finalized, no actual figures were released yet for how many Xbox One units were sold, but those should be disclosed soon. So far, from the reviews we’ve read, it looks like Xbox One will not only be a big hit with fans, but it looks like it is indeed more than just a game console.

As the Daily Beast raves, “The Mircosoft console, despite a lot of kinks, is the future of video games, and its voice – and motion-sensing Kinect will take over our living rooms – and our lives…The Xbox One is the only game console with true multitasking abilities. Players can switch seamlessly and instantly between apps and games without losing any progress. When the Xbox One really works, it really does feel like the future.”

We’ll be watching the progress of both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 over the holidays. We’re definitely looking forward to see who will ultimately win the console wars, but it looks like both are doing very well, and this bodes well for gaming, and technology in general.