Almost Human is a DVR Winner

A week ago Almost Human debuted, and it got good reviews, as well as pretty strong ratings. And like a lot of shows these days, Almost Human has gotten a nice boost from DVR ratings. 

The Hollywood Reporter says that the show has gotten “promising” ratings from DVR viewers, going up 32% after its premiere on November 17. The show premiered the night of a major football game, so we’re not surprised to see it get a ratings boost the next day. (Think about the days before we even had VCRs where you either had to own two TVs, or pick a show or a football game.) 

The Wrap has reported that Almost Human is part of what’s called the “Elite L+3 Club,” which means “Live + 3” ratings, or shows that have gotten a ratings boost after the initial broadcast date. Who else is in this group? S.H.I.E.L.D., The Blacklist, The Crazy Ones, and Sleepy Hollow. 

The L+3 ratings include the show’s original airdate, along with the DVR and on-demand viewings that happen during a 72-hour period. The Blacklist is the big daddy of L+3 ratings, and we’ll be watching to see if Almost Human can build a similar audience in this regard.