Comics Have a Strong Year

Comic books have been doing amazing business at the movies, and they’re also doing well at the newsstands too. And oddly enough, actual paper comics are still selling better than digital editions, much like actual paper books still haven’t been totally eliminated by Kindle.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that comics have continued to grow this year, with graphic novels and manga sales increasing as well. The magma market has made a big comeback, and graphic novel sales are also up 6%. This is thanks to The Walking Dead, and sales are clearly being driven by the show’s incredible ratings streak. 

At the same time, the Reporter tells us that digital comic sales have slowed down, only growing 25% this year as opposed to the 300% growth that happened in 2011 and ’12. This is something we’ve also seen in the book market as well. So many people have Kindles right now, but readers still prefer to buy paper books they can carry around and hold in their hands.

Even if digital one day becomes the way of the future, it’s still great fun to go to a comic store and browse for titles. This will always be a thrill for comic fans, and Kindle can’t replace that in a million years.