Star Wars Video Games Update

Last year, when Lucasarts got shut down, it was supposed to mean the end of Star Wars games. This was really a shame because the Star Wars had been making terrific progress, especially with The Force Unleashed.

It wasn’t that long ago that many considered The Force Unleashed, excuse the pun, a game changer. But after that, the subsequent Star Wars games didn’t fare so well, to the point where they were being offered for free to play. (Electronic Arts now claims the game Star Wars: The Old Republic, which initially didn’t take off, is now making money.) 

Yet when Lucas sold everything to Disney, you had a pretty good feeling video games would be part of the deal, especially with Disney trying to be players in the gaming world (Variety tells us that the game Disney Infinity has already sold over a million world-wide.) Now Variety tells us that the new plan with the Electronic Arts Star Wars games will be to continue the video game storylines, and not have them follow the movies. 

As an EA executive announced, “We’ve done movie games over the years and we wanted to make sure we weren’t doing a movie game, i.e., game based on the movie. The beauty of the Star Wars franchise is that it’s so broad and so deep, you don’t have to do a movie game, you can do a game that’s very focused on the world that’s been created around Star Wars.” Variety also tells us that Lucasfilm and Disney Interactive are going to other companies to make mobile games. 

There is Star Wars game that’s in the works for 2015 Star Wars: Battlefront (check out the E3 trailer below), and who knows if another company will be making a game that will be based on the next Star Wars film? If such a thing is in development right now, it will absolutely be top secret, so we won’t know anything for a while now, but we’re definitely looking forward to seeing the Star Wars games come back, and here’s hoping they’ll be better than ever.