Guillermo Del Toro’s Vampire Series The Strain Is a Go

It had been four years since Guillermo Del Toro made Hellboy II: The Golden Army, but he finally came back to the big screen this summer with Pacific Rim. Del Toro’s already got another movie he’ll be shooting next year, Crimson Peak, which is a ghost story, and his long in the works vampire series, The Strain, just got the green light from the FX network. 

As Giant Freakin Robot tells us, the series got a full, 13-episode order, and the show is based on a trilogy of novels written by Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. The show is currently slated to premiere next summer in July.

In The Strain, vampirism is a result of a parasitic disease, and it’s an outbreak that plagues New York. FX has already called the show “an epic story with stunning visuals and remarkable acting. The Strain totally reimagines and reinvents the genre.” 

There’s also a JJ Abrams connection because Carlton Cuse, the executive producer of Lost, will be the showrunner. Cuse is also the guy behind Bates Motel, another genre show that’s been doing very well. 

With the success of Sleepy Hollow and many other genre shows, now couldn’t be a better time for a Guillermo Del Toro series. The prospect of Del Toro doing vampires definitely has us salivating, and we hope The Strain delivers when it premieres next year.