Almost Human Debuts Well

Okay, so Almost Human may not be the most original idea for a sci-fi show, but it’s gotten pretty good reviews, and it looks like it’s gotten off to a pretty good start in the ratings. It wasn’t able to beat out major league football, like Walking Dead finally did, but again, it still did pretty well.

As Variety tells us, “Fox was able to launch [the] new drama Almost Human to solid numbers…handily beating its drama competition, Once Upon a Time – and even edging out Once in women [demographics].” Once the game started, Almost Human’s ratings went down, but it still came in with decent ratings, with 9.1 million viewers overall. 

Of course, Almost Human had the benefit of leading in after a huge football game, and it continued the next night in its regular timeslot, which on Mondays at 8 P.M. / 7 P.M. central time. Entertainment Weekly also called Almost Human’s ratings “solid,” and called the show “almost a hit.” 

Sustaining a series these days isn’t easy. Revolution did pretty well early in the year, but recently it’s been struggling. The ratings for SHIELD, which got off to a great start, have also been slipping. The real test for Almost Human will be in the upcoming weeks, where it will either build an audience, or fall by the wayside. 

As E!Online reminds us, Fox has tried several genre shows that didn’t take off, Alcatraz and Terra Nova, and Fringe had to fight to stay on the air every year, much like Star Trek in its initial run. Can Almost Human ultimately stick around and pass the test? Stay tuned…