The Flash Gets His Own Series

Marvel are the current big daddies of superheroes, but DC would really love to catch up. Batman may be the biggest superheroes in the world, but Marvel’s had the most success at the movies, and they’re also trying to take over television with SHIELD and the upcoming Netlfix series.

As we all know, DC and Warner Brothers are trying to keep their big daddies, Batman and Superman, going strong, but what about the characters who could use a reinvention, like The Flash? As Collider tells us, there have been plans to bring The Flash into the Arrow series, then spin him off from there, but now the plan is to give the Flash his own show. 

Barry Allen, aka The Flash, has already appeared on Arrow, and apparently the episodes went so well that he won’t be revealed to be the Flash down the road, but he will get his own show instead. There are crossover episodes planned because both heroes will be part of the same universe, but The Flash will apparently get his own launch on the same network, the CW, probably by Fall 2014. 

We’re certainly going to be inundated with superheroes for a while, and we’d love to see if DC can come up with some movies and TV shows that will give Marvel a run for the money. One show DC is planning, Gotham, sounds very promising, and maybe The Flash can also provide us some prime time excitement next year as well.