The Simpsons Close a Huge Streaming Deal

Considering we love The Simpsons here on TGD, we were surprised to realize the show was never available for streaming until now. In fact, as media outlets everywhere are reporting, The Simpsons will be rolling in plenty of D’oh!, because they just closed a huge deal with FXX for streaming syndication.

How huge? How about $750 million. As Variety tells us, this deal is for 530 episodes of the show, and this covers cable syndication, as well as VOD. This deal also covers Fox’s FXNow app, which will launch soon.

Once it became known that The Simpsons would be syndicated to cable, a number of suitors came forward, but as Variety puts it, they wanted to keep the show in the Fox family. The Simpsons will also be shown on FXX, Fox’s comedy network.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…Even though The Simpsons are long past their prime, to us it will always be one of the greatest shows in TV history, and we’re glad it’s still around. It’s also remarkable it can still demand this kind of money, especially considering the show is twenty-four years old. What else can we say except it’s great to see Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and the gang still going strong after all this time.