The Machine: nothing like it since Blade Runner

This could become one of the cult sci-fi movies of 2014. It’s being favorably compared to Blade Runner, and Caity Lotz has real star power. Check out the trailer.

The Machine – a sci-fi thriller starring Toby Stephens (Die Another Day), Caity Lotz (The Pact, Mad Men) and Denis Lawson (Star Wars, Local Hero), has been doing great things on the festival circuit. It is set for release in 2014, although there is no guarantee that it can pick up deserving distribution. It could be a sleeper hit like District 9, which it resembles in pluck if not content.

As for the plot:


Britain is in a Cold War with a new enemy, the Ministry of Defense is on the brink of developing a game-changing weapon. Lead scientist Vincent McCarthy (Toby Stephens) provides the answer with his creation, ‘The Machine’- an android with unrivaled physical and processing skills. When a programming glitch causes an early prototype to destroy his lab, McCarthy enlists artificial intelligence expert Ava (Caity Lotz) to help him harness the full potential of a truly conscious fighting machine.