Thor is Still on Top, and Gravity’s Pulled in $500 Million

Love it or hate it, comic book movies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the explosion of The Avengers last summer has only made the genre stronger. Thor: The Dark World didn’t get the greatest reviews in the world, but because he’s part of the Avengers team, he’s still coming out on top against all comers.

It looked like The Best Man Holiday could have taken the top spot this weekend, but Thor came out in at $38.5 million against Holiday’s $30.6 million. According to Variety, The Dark World has already outgrossed the original Thor, which made $450 million world-wide. (The Dark World is currently at $147 million domestic, and $479.8 million global.)

Now if you’re sick and tired of hearing about comic book movies, how about more good news about Gravity? The film has become a phenomenon since it came out last month, and it has now hit a major box office milestone, making $500 million dollars world-wide this weekend. We at TGD are very happy about this, because Gravity is a completely original movie, not a tried rehash of another film, TV show, comic book or video game, and to see an original movie doing this well is awesome.

Not that we’re against superhero movies, mind you. We’re also excited about the Marvel Netflix series, which are coming in 2015, and we’re also curious to see whether Avengers 2 will blow away the original. We know it’s going to make a ton of money, but can Joss Whedon deliver a better movie than the first installment? We’re looking forward to finding out.