Is Call of Duty In Trouble?

Right now, video games are still hot stuff in the marketplace, but it’s a very mercurial market that can go in whatever direction the wind is blowing. We’ve already seen the market being impacted by the upcoming console changes, and now one report feels that the Call of Duty games could already be done, at least artistically.

We’re not exactly sure if video games are critic proof, but we’re willing to bet the gamers can’t be fooled that easily. If a game sucks, they’re probably not going to buy it, and according to one critic, the Call of Duty series could already be creatively out of gas.

In its review of Call of Duty: Ghosts, the Daily Beast headlined their report, “The Juggernaut Franchise Might Be Drying Up,” and that the game “may have finally reached the point of diminishing returns.” The Beast felt that Ghosts is a “pretty lackluster” game, and pointed out that on Metacritic, the game’s overall ratings went below 75, a first for the series. 

There’s so much more you can do these days to bring depth and great storytelling to video games, and we’d also like to think if a game in a series isn’t the good, the fans might just wait for the next one to come along. We’re not sure if one bad game could put a series out of business, especially considering the last game, Black Ops 2, did made insane amounts of money, so we’re not so sure this could be the end of Call of Duty. Maybe it’s just a bump in the road…