Daredevil Netflix Series Gets a Familiar Writer

Netflix just announced that they will be doing a series of shows based on four Marvel characters, including Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. Now word has come down that a familiar genre name, Drew Goddard, will be writing the Daredevil series. 

Goddard is the writer of Cloverfield, and he’s also worked on the World War Z screenplay, not to mention his work on Lost, Alias, Buffy, among many others. In addition to all this, he directed the criminally under-rated horror film Cabin in the Woods. Now Goddard will be the chief creative force behind the Daredevil series, and he couldn’t be happier. 

As he told Collider, “You’re talking to a guy who had quotes from Daredevil painted on his wall growing up. Even when I was 18, I still had the blood red door with the, ‘I have shown him that a man without hope is a man without fear’ [quote].”

We at TGD are very curious to see how the Marvel Netflix series will turn out, especially considering two of their more obscure superheroes, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, will finally have their shot in the spotlight for a change. Maybe you weren’t nuts about Cloverfield, but if you haven’t seen Cabin in the Woods, absolutely rent it as soon as possible. Goddard and Joss Whedon did a great job at reinventing the modern horror film, and we hope Drew can do the same for a Marvel character who still hasn’t gotten his live-action due.