Marvel’s First Muslim Superhero Is Already a Big Hit

We just reported here on TGD that Marvel has launched their first Muslim superhero, Kamala Khan, and yes, it’s a risky move that should definitely invite controversy, but so far, the pros have outweighed the cons. In fact, Khan has already proven to be a big hit. 

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, Khan is currently in the latest issue of Captain Marvel, #17, and it’s already sold out after two days. Khan will be getting her own comic in February, but it’s clear that that new Ms. Marvel is a big hit with fans. 

As the Reporter reminds us, there’s been a ton of publicity about the first Muslim superhero, and it’s apparently paid off. Graeme McMillan writes, “The combination of publicity surrounding Marvel’s first teen Muslim hero and the traditional interest in Captain Marvel has combined to push the series to sellout status for the first time since the series’ earliest issues.”

As we’ve reported previously on TGD, we’re seeing a lot of diversity these days with our superheroes. The Falcon, an African-American superhero, will be appearing in the next Captain America movie, The Winter Soldier, and there’s going to be a Luke Cage series from Netflix in 2015. We’re definitely all for superhero diversity here on TGD, because if all superheroes some Clark Kent white bread ideal, things would be really boring.