RoboCop Trailer Reaction

There’s a funny term that’s been making us laugh here at TGD, “Robo-Phobic” It’s a line that’s being used in the remake of RoboCop, which is coming on February 12, 2014. We saw the first trailer for RoboCop some time back, and it didn’t look bad, but we’ll always be partial to the original, which is one of the greatest sci-fi films in history. 

So now another RoboCop trailer is out, and people have been reacting to it all over the net. You know there’s always going to be geek sniping, that’s a given with this one, but what about the legit press? What do they feel about this RoboCop reboot that will be in theaters early next year?

The New York Daily News wrote that the trailer “looks to be an upgrade over the 1987 cult classic. Whether the current model hits the humor and thrills of its clunky predecessor won’t be known until it hits theaters, the trailer shows that special effects at least have come a long way in the past 27 years.” 

Wired wrote that “mixing politics, dystopic futures and man-machine melds can be tough (see: Elysium) but if this could end up like Dredd with an edge, it could be a hell of a ride.” And the Wall Street Journal wrote, “I’m still not quite sold on the new RoboCop since I’m a huge fan of the 1987 original, but this new trailer hints that the kind of satire that made the first movie so great might indeed be here.”

With RoboCop, we’re big believers in if it aint broke, don’t fix it, but are we open to be surprised? Absolutely. We’ll always love the original RoboCop, and we can always go back and watch it any time we want to, yet at the same time, we indeed hope that the new RoboCop can silence the doubters, us included.