Gaming Sales Impacted By Upcoming Console Updates

A year ago, it seemed that video games had gained a remarkable foothold again in the marketplace. Even though the market still wasn’t back 100%, titles like GTA V, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 were making an enormous amount of money, breaking major records. 

Now Variety tells us that Activision’s sales for Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Skylanders: SWAP Force are still selling very well. Yet at the same time, fans are waiting for the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft, which has definitely impacted game sales. 

Variety reports that Call of Duty and Skylanders have been down from last year, again because fans are waiting for the new consoles to be unleashed. We’ve also reported previously on TGD that many feel video gaming is moving to streaming, much like movie rentals have moved towards them as well. 

While fans are waiting for the new Sony and Microsoft consoles, Activision has made over $400 million from digital gaming, which is 59% of the company’s net sales. (This is reportedly a record.)

It’s also interesting to note that Warcraft’s earnings are down, and on the eve of the World of Warcraft movie coming together at Universal no less. Still, we’ll definitely be watching to see how the next step in consoles will impact gaming overall, even though the sales of GTA and Call of Duty certainly haven’t been chopped liver.