The Best of Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford’s geek cred never needs to be explained. The guy Han Solo and Indiana Jones, what else do you need to know? And with Ender’s Game, he’s back in a sci-fi story he’s very proud to be a part of. 

Ford got his first step up in American Graffiti, and he was plying his trade as a carpenter for years before he finally became a superstar with Star Wars. So if you had to pick the best of Harrison Ford, what first comes to mind?

Variety put up their list, which includes Working Girl, The Fugitive (arguably his best performance along with Presumed Innocent), Apocalypse Now, even though he’s barely in it, Witness, Patriot Games, Indy and the Last Crusade, and the obvious choices of Blade Runner, and Empire.

Our list of course would include the first Raiders movie, still the best of the series, Empire Strikes Back because it’s the best of that series, but you also have to include the first Star Wars as well. It may not be the best of the series but it was definitely Ford’s big moment where a star was born. Ford’s not fond of his performance in Star Wars, but it showed he had the big screen charisma that would ultimately make him a major A-list actor. 

With Ender’s Game, it’s nice to see Ford have some enthusiasm for a role, which he hasn’t had in a long time. As we’ve reported on TGD, Ford’s also working on returning as Solo and Indy in future movies. He even shocked the world when he said he’d be willing to work with Ridley Scott again on another Blade Runner movie. 

If these performances happen, and Ford can knock them out of the park again, that would be great, but if not, Harry’s given us some wonderful big screen appearances already, what else does he owe us?