Haunting Sleepy Hollow

The Fox show Sleepy Hollow has gotten off to a strong start in the ratings, and it’s great to see horror back with a vengeance on TV. Not only does the show have the writing powerhouse of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Transformers), but it also stars Orlando Jones, who I loved on Mad TV.

While Jones is a great comedian, he’s also starting to gain a following as Captain Frank Irving, who could end up becoming a cult figure like Mulder and Scully. Vulture is now calling fans of the show Sleepyheads, and Irving likes contributing to his own Tumblr. “The internet to me is about rebel culture,” Jones told Vulture “And I’ve always loved it.”

Right now, the fans are speculating about who the character of Irving really could be. Is he good, bad, human, a monster, an angel, or a demon. “On this show you really don’t know where anyone stands,” Jones said. “You just think you do. [But] by the end of this season, you’ll definitely know a lot more about him. There’s a lot of mythology to Sleepy Hollow, and we really needed to set up the roles of the world.” 

Jones said the show is still setting everything up, but by the seventh show, which will air on November 11, is “when everything starts. That’s when the war starts to jump off. Right now you’ve been hearing about the war and seeing the preamble to the war, but it’s about to ramp up again. After seven, it’s on.” 

If a supernatural explosion on Sleepy Hollow is truly just around the corner, we’re really looking forward to seeing it happen.