Almost Human Is Almost Here

Almost Human is one of about 3,000 TV shows and movies JJ Abrams has in development. Okay, so the guy’s going to be very busy with Star Wars for the next year and a half, but he can still keep a lot of irons in the fire as a producer. 

Abrams has an executive producer credit on Almost Human, a sci-fi TV show that’s debuting on November 17 on NBC. The show was created by J.H. Wyman, a writer and executive producer on Fringe. Almost Human is essentially a futuristic RoboCop kind of scenario, except this guy looks more human than your usual pop culture cyborg. Karl Urban (Star Trek) and Michael Ealy both star as the human and the robot respectively. 

This is a buddy cop story, but a futuristic one where the police can team up with cyborgs in the future as law enforcement partners. As Variety tells us, the show’s debut has been pushed back two weeks and it will now debut over two nights, November 17 and 18th. 

Now couldn’t be a better time for genre TV, but we’re curious to see how Almost Human will perform in the ratings. Last year his show Alcatraz, came and went quickly despite good reviews, and Revolution is currently struggling in the ratings. 

Business Insider weighed in with an early reaction, calling the show “good, but it’s no Fringe.” also wrote, “Although I’m sure this premise sounds familiar and stale, Almost Human is worth your time. A big draw is the chemistry between the two leads.” And considering that this is a JJ Abrams production, yes there is lens flare.