Star Trek 3 May Already Have a Director

We just reported on TGD that JJ Abrams will have a hell of a time trying to finish the next Star Wars movie because Disney is insistent on a summer 2015 release date. Such insane scheduling comes with the territory. Usually Hollywood comes up with the release date, next comes when the toys are supposed to hit the stores, and the movie can often be an afterthought.

There was never any question that Abrams was going to leave the Star Trek franchise, because there’s just no way anybody could juggle two blockbusters at a time. But since the fans turned on Star Trek Into Darkness, we wondered if this incarnation of Star Trek would be kaput.

Yet Variety tells us that Joe Cornish, who helmed the film Attack the Block, and who also co-wrote Ant-Man with Edgar Wright, may be up to take over the next Trek. Paramount certainly wants him to take over, he’s been offered the franchise before, and he turned it down earlier this year. Roberto Orci, who wrote the last two Treks, is currently writing the script for the third installment.

Paramount would love to have the next Trek filming next summer, which means they’re shooting for a 2015 release, and the studio may indeed be willing to go head to head with Star Wars and Avengers 2. They could also try and release it in the fall or winter of ’15, but whenever it comes out, we’d like to see what some fresh blood could bring to the proceedings.