Tom Hardy Talks Mad Max: Fury Road

There’s been a new incarnation of Mad Max in the works for quite some time now, and while the original and the Road Warrior are both beloved to fans, there’s a new generation of people who have no idea who the character is. (Not to mention todays’ generation has no idea that Mel Gibson was actually cool at one point in time, but this was last century we’re talking about here…)

Genre fans old enough to remember can probably recall with great fondness when Mad Max became a huge cult hit and made Mel Gibson a star. The Road Warrior came out in the fabled genre summer of 1982, and it was one of those sequels that totally blew away the original. Now Tom Hardy’s taking over as Mad Max, and he recently told Giant Freakin Robot and Flicks and the City that playing the classic genre character has been “good fun.”

The new Mad Max had wrapped in December 2012, but reshoots have been scheduled, which is often not a good sign, but some films have turned out fine after extensive fine tuning, or in some cases, a major overhaul.

Hardy said he’s due to reshoot some scenes next week, but he calls it “doing more” instead of reshooting. “We’re building,” he said. “Building more Mad Maxes [and] even more spectacular and cool stuff.”  

While the fact that the movie wrapped up a year ago and still hasn’t been released is not a good sign, we’re certainly hopeful that Mad Max can get a modern reinvention that will keep the character going well into the future.