Harrison Ford on the Eve of Ender’s Game

Harrison Ford isn’t the most outgoing or enthusiastic person on the planet, and you get the impression he’d rather get a root canal than talk to the press. So the fact that he’s doing interviews for Ender’s Game tells us that he could indeed be very behind this movie, and that it really could be a winner.

Ford told the Huffington Post he’s “out of the leading man business,” and as the Post reports, he’s indeed “excited and engaged” when talking about the film. In playing Graff in Ender’s Game, Ford said, “I think he’s charged with a responsibility that is the kind you sometimes find in the military. You have a responsibility that you have assumed and have been willing to discharge. 

“Although it feels familiar, we’re talking about an alien life form and a world government,” Ford continued. “This is a war to the death between life forms.” 

And Ford is clearly looking forward to playing a role where he can hopefully put down his baggage as a movie star. “Now that I’m out of the ‘leading man’ business, I’m getting a chance to play both good guys and bad guys that bear no resemblance to Harrison Ford. And that’s great. That’s the fun of it…I’m hoping families will go and parents will want to experience this with their children.”