No More Big Movies For Peter Jackson?

The next installment of The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug, is coming on December 13, and the third and final Hobbit installment will be released in 2014. What could possibly be next for Peter Jackson? A ten-movie adaptation of War and Peace? 

Actually, Jackson says he’s going in the opposite direction, and his movies will get much smaller from here. He told the Huffington Post he has “New Zeland stories to tell.” Jackson said he and his wife, Fran, “have got a few bits and pieces that we are working on. We just want to step off the Hollywood blockbuster thing for a while and we’ve had a few New Zealand stories in line that we think would make great films.”

Of course, doing Lord of the Rings movies is a big commitment of time. “This was a five year chunk that was kind of taken out unexpectedly,” Jackson continued. “My future is five years less than I thought it was. I thought if I am going to do that I am actually going to do that. I am going to have fun.”

It would indeed be a good idea for Jackson to do smaller, more personal films after The Hobbit finally wraps up. We’d certainly love to see him return to the indie spirit he had before he became one of the biggest filmmakers in the world, and we’re certainly looking forward to seeing what he’ll come up with next.