The Bone Season Heading to the Big Screen WIth Some Help From Gollum

The Bone Season is the latest dystopian young adult novel that publishers have hoped will be the next Harry Potter. The Bone Season was written by Samantha Shannon, who got big bucks to write it while she was attending Oxford. (Actually, she’s still in Oxford and is all of 21 years old.) 

Now the Hollywood Reporter tells us The Bone Season may be heading to the big screen with the help of motion capture star Andy Serkis. Serkis has his own production banner, The Imaginarium, and The Bone Season is the first movie he will potentially produce under his own shingle.

The Bone Season has obviously come to book shelves with a lot of hype, and with dystopian stories being the hot thing right now, we’re not surprised this got snapped up quickly to be turned into a film. Serkis has also been up to create a motion capture remake of Animal Farm, and we can’t think of anyone better to help bring the classic George Orwell story to life.. 

Serkis has The Bone Season is set up at Fox. While there’s no word if Serkis will act in The Bone Season or not, he’d certainly be a welcome addition, and we have the feeling that one way or another, some Serkis will definitely rub off on this project.