Can Revolution Bounce Back From Its Ratings Slump?

Revolution, the NBC series where the world loses all power, was a ratings powerhouse when it debuted this year, and one of the biggest hits the network has had in years. But after a hiatus, the show’s ratings have taken a dive, and we at TGD are definitely watching to see if it can recover.

Eventually it will be revealed how the power went out, and reading a possible scenario that one site posted with ample spoiler warnings, it did seem very plausible. Of course, the show isn’t just designed around the one big reveal. Why we lost power is going to be revealed, then the show will move on. 

As showrunner Eric Kripke told Giant Freakin Robot, “Ultimately, the goal of the show is that you can’t go back to the way things were. You have to look forward…there needs to be something new that has to grow from the ashes of something old.”

Kripke added, “For now we’re enjoying taking a break from the drive to turn the power back on. It’s nice to take a break. But, that will come up again inevitably, ultimately they have to let that go and build something new.”

Will Revolution have the same power to bounce back? Kripke wasn’t referring to the show’s deflated ratings, but he very well could have, and we’ll see if things can pick back up again. After all, genre is really hot on television right now, and dystopian stories are also currently all the rage. Revolution follows in the same tradition of asking “What if” to an insane premise, and let’s hope it can stick around to tell the whole tale.