Has SHIELD Finally Found Its Groove?

A lot of shows aren’t brilliant right out of the gate. It can often take a while before a show settles into a comfortable rhythm. While SHIELD has gotten stellar ratings so far, some critics feel it hasn’t quite hit the mark just yet, and that there’s lots of room for improvement.

That may have changed with this week’s episode, because the critics have been raving that SHIELD may indeed be living up to its potential at last. The Huffington Post has raved that SHIELD “has finally hit its stride.” 

As Laura Prudom writes, “It’s fair to say that the first three episodes of ABC’s high-concept action series have been a little uneven…These speedbumps are no surprise; the vast majority of new shows require several weeks to find their footing…

“Thankfully, the fourth episode of SHIELD is exactly what most of us likely envisioned when we heard the words ‘Joss Whedon, Marvel universe, TV show’ in one sentence, making good on the promises put forth in the pilot.” 

The Hollywood Reporter has also raved that the fourth episode of SHIELD, which aired on October 15, gave everyone “the show we’ve been hoping for all along.” It provided the family tension that creates good drama, and Whedon has teased that the next Avengers movie could have similar family conflicts as well. 

No matter the quality of the show, SHIELD, and superheroes, should continue to do well for at least the next couple of years. But it’s always nice to see something reach the potential you knew it was capable of, and here’s hoping SHIELD keeps getting better from here.