Star Trek Screenwriter Roberto Orci May Help Bring Trek Back to TV

In a recent interview, Roberto Orci, one of the screenwriters of the 2009 Star Trek, as well as Star Trek Into Darkness, had said it was inevitable that Star Trek would one day come back to television. Apparently he knew more than he was telling, because there’s now reports he’s indeed working on a Trek series.

Orci, and his partner Alex Kurtzman, are the screenwriting team behind Alias, The Transformers movies, Sleepy Hollow, Fringe, and of course, the JJ Abrams Star Trek flicks. Orci and Kurtzman are also producers on the highly anticipated big screen adaptation of Ender’s Game. So the guys clearly know their sci-fi, as well as what kind of genre stuff works in the marketplace. (Okay, Cowboys and Aliens didn’t take off, but nobody ever bats .1000.) 

So Collider tells us that Orci has met with CBS about doing a Trek series, but they also report that JJ Abrams “has always downplayed or dismissed the possibility of having the alternate Star Trek universe expand to television.” At the same time, Abrams is not going to helm the Trek movies anymore, so who knows?

As Collider points out, Trek is owned by Paramount, and maybe indeed they’ll want to expand it to TV, with one of the creative people behind the movie guiding it. A series may also help keep the franchise fresh in everyone’s mind in-between movies, or perhaps it would work out better as a series with a longer story arc. Stay tuned…