Disney and Marvel Are Collaborating on a Graphic Novel

We at TGD have been reading reports that for the next several years at Disney, there’s going to be major focus on two major franchises: Marvel superheroes, and Star Wars. Now the news has hit that Marvel and Disney are going to be doing comics together under a label called Disney Kingdoms.

As ABC News tells us, the debut comic will be based on a Disney exhibit that’s been long rumored, but was never built called Museum of the Weird. (I love it already.) The comic series is going to be called Seekers of the Weird, and it’s going on sale in January. Brandon Seifert wrote the comic, and it’s being illustrated by Karl Moline.

Image courtesy of Aeolus06 at DeviantArt

Being a big fan of The Haunted Mansion, I love this idea, and was curious to learn more. Apparently it was going to be an exhibit in 1965, and it was going to be connected to the Haunted Mansion. After Walt Disney passed away in 1966, plans for Museum of the Weird never got off the drawing board. 

A Museum of the Weird movie could have been fun too. As the Associated Press tells us, the storyline of the Weird exhibit is two teenage kids have to track down their kidnapped parents in the museum, and they encounter “a shadowy and evil secret society.” You could almost picture a young Kurt Russell in a movie like this playing one of the teenagers.

I’m always fascinated by projects that never came to be, and the idea of creating a comic based on a Disney attraction that never came to pass is a trip, not to mention could have been a great neighbor to the Haunted Mansion.