Gravity Making the Case for Good 3D

So many people are sick and tired of hearing about 3D, but it’s still great to see an original movie like Gravity become a success. It’s definitely one of those stories that puts 3D to good use, enhancing and amplifying instead of using the technology as a gimmick. 

George Clooney even told The Wrap that Gravity makes is “an actual argument for 3D. It’s crazy how good it is.” Gravity could even end up keeping the 3D trend going a little longer, no matter how much people would like it to go away. But again, movies like Gravity and Avatar would always be big movies, whether 3D’s still the hot trend or not. 

Clooney also added, “I don’t understand why some movies are in 3D. This one makes sense. There’s got to be a reason why you have to do things a certain way.” If only every 3D movie followed this dictum.

In other Gravity / 3D Imax news, it turns out the movie is even wiping out Metallica’s 3D flick. As reports, Gravity is taking up many of the Imax screens, and Metallica’s grosses for Through the Never have suffered as a result. 

Again, we’ve heard and read nothing but good things about Gravity, and we think word of mouth will make it even bigger from here. As a friend of mine posted on Facebook, “Hey, an original script with a female lead just broke box office records!” Cool, no?