A Horror Movie Shot Entirely On An iPhone

We knew there would come a day when an entire movie would be shot on an iPhone, and whether the movie turns out well or not, it’s great that someone finally took this step, and we hope it will inspire others to do the same with low budget tech.  

We’re also not surprised that the first iPhone movie is a horror film, because a lot of horror flicks have been innovative on small budgets. As Shock Till You Drop tells us, the movie Hooked Up is from Spain, and it’s a found footage movie. Again, no surprise considering the technology it was made with.

The basic story is about two guys are out on the prowl, looking to get laid, and things end up going horribly wrong. Apparently the film takes an Evil Dead turn from here, because as Bloody Disgusting tells us, the guys get trapped in a house, “where they will have to fight an evil girl and the evil inside them.” 

There’s no word on when the movie will see a release, but there will be screenings for the public to check it out soon, and any movie that has the tag-line, “Party, alcohol, sex & bloog…in Barcelona!,” can’t be all bad, right? 

Here’s the trailer: