Will the Empire State Building Turn Into a Tardis For Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary?

The fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who is nearly upon us, and it is reportedly the longest running series in sci-fi history. An anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, will be reportedly simulcast world-wide on November 23, and now there’s a fan campaign to help turn the Empire State Building into a Tardis.

This is a great idea actually, and it would make a nice geek gift before Thanksgiving. Giant Freakin Robot tells us this effort to bring the Tardis to the big apple is being spearheaded by an organization called New York SciFi & Fantasy, and it probably wouldn’t be that difficult to pull this off, just set up the building’s lighting so that it resembles a British phone booth. How hard could that be? 

New York SciFi & Fantasy has already submitted a formal request to the Empire State Building people, and we’ll see how far any of this goes. You may recall we reported on TGD about a request sent in to the White House to construct a Death Star, but that was obviously a goof. 

In the meantime, the show’s anniversary a little less than two months away now, and we’re sure geeks everywhere will be celebrating like mad on November 23. If we can find out how you can write in and help with the giant Tardis campaign, we’ll let you know for sure.