The Simpsons Renewed For a 26th Season

If you’re a huge fan of The Simpsons like I am, you’ll probably find it remarkable that it’s lasted as long as it has. I can still remember watching the very first Simpsons special, and I also remember seeing them on The Tracy Ullman show when the characters and the animation were still developing. 

While I feel The Simpsons peaked a long time ago, it’s always nice to have them around, and now we’re going to have them around even longer because Fox has renewed them for a 26th season. 

As most Simpsons fans have probably seen by now, Guillermo Del Toro directed the latest Treehouse of Horror episode, and even with this generation enamored with Family Guy, it’s still cool to love Matt Groening’s greatest creation. Del Toro told the New York Daily News, “I adore the Simpsons with a passion. This is the very top of career achievements for me.” (Del Toro also said his daughters call him Homer when he eats too much, or messes up around the house.)

So it’s great to see the Simpsons will keep going for a few more years, if not longer. It may not last as long as say, The Tonight Show or Meet the Press, but twenty-six years is a long time for anything to last , especially a TV show.